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Preserve the beauty of your suede ‘gems’ this winter.

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Taking care of suede items needs to be an on-going exercise. Like leather, suede is a porous material – which is, in a way, similar to your skin. Because of the added texture and softness, suede can fall victim to moisture, stains and to dirt. Therefore, the caring process must start as soon as possible.

  1. Use a soft brush, like the Plush Suede & Nubuck Combi Brush, to gently brush the suede and raise the nap. Always brush in one direction only.
  2. Apply Plush Suede & Nubuck Protector to minimise stains from water and oil.

Continue the caring process with regular cleaning. The best way to extend the life expectancy of your suede items is to clean stains as soon as possible before they absorb into the nap.

  1. Brush out dirt using the Plush Suede Cleaning Brush in short, even strokes in the same direction.
  2. Apply Plush Suede Cleaner in light, even strokes and quickly rub with an absorbent clean cloth to lift the dirt.
  3. Next, select the colour shade of Plush Suede & Nubuck Renew Aerosol to match that of the item to be treated and apply evenly.
  4. When almost dry, brush up the nap with the Suede Cleaning Brush to finish off the renewing process.



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