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Shoe care for future sports heroes.

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Let your little sports stars of tomorrow shine on the field or in an arena – ensure you keep their sports footwear well cared for with Plush. With so many sporting opportunities and options available to the youth today, it’s important that you keep them – and their sports gear – in top condition.

Whether your child prefers cricket or rugby, netball or hockey, always ensure that their athletic footwear is in perfect condition to withstand the pace of any match with Plush.  This will extend the life of their sports gear too and most importantly – keep their feet protected.

Keep sports shoes clean, protected and fresh with the following cleaning and polishing products from Plush:

1.  For fresh and clean athletic shoes use Plush Shoe Shampoo – it sanitizes, disinfects and deodorises shoes by eliminating unpleasant odours and preventing premature deterioration.

2.  For athletic footwear made from leather material use Plush Clean & Shine, specially formulated to clean and polish all colours of genuine, patent and synthetic leather to provide shoes with a semi-shine finish.

3.  Extend the life of leather sports shoes with the special softening and nourishing additives of Plush Hide Food as it protects and preserves the leather.

4.  To restore the vibrant colour of white athletic shoes and renew their original fresh look, use Plush Takkie Polish.

5.  Keep shoes protected against water, oil and stains with Plush Leather Protector. The spray provides high resistance against staining and acts as a repellent for water, oil and grease.

Tip: To extend the life of active outdoor shoes, make sure you polish and waterproof them regularly. Before polishing, first remove any loose mud and allow them to dry naturally.

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