Tip of the Month – Let your ‘light’ shine through!

Let your ‘light’ shine through!

When it comes to the protecting and care of stainless steel, aluminium and chrome kitchenware and appliances, you can trust Plush Supreme.

Oxidation and corrosion can be made something of the past with the Metal & Stainless Steel Cleaner from Plush Supreme. This product restores the spotless shine of all your stainless steel, chrome and aluminium kitchenware and appliances and adds a protective layer to it too!

Here’s how to use this product:

  • ALWAYS remember to first test this product on a small inconspicuous area of the surface to be cleaned, to ascertain suitability.
  • Make sure the item to be treated doesn’t have a protective plastic covering, as brilliant results only occur in true stainless steel, aluminium and chromed items.
  • Shake well.
  • Spray liquid of the Metal & Stainless Steel Cleaner directly onto the item, may it be a pot, cutlery, kitchen appliances or cooking utensils.
  • Wipe the item with a dry cloth or paper towel in circular motions to help remove oxidation or corrosion.
  • AVOID using scourers or steel wool on these surfaces.