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Plush Supreme

All Purpose Pine Gel

Plush Supreme All Purpose Pine Gel is a one-step cleaning solution that is suitable for any surface in your home. It contains no ammonia making is suitable for use on fabrics and couches and won’t discolour your tiles and bathroom tub, toilet bowl and basin. It harnesses the cleaning power of real pine oil for a streak free clean.

Available in 750ml convenient squeeze format and 1 Litre tubs, in Pine Gel and Pine Gel Lavender variants.

Fresh Pine - 1 litre
Fresh Pine - 1 litre
Lavender - 1 Litre
Fresh Pine - 750ml
Citrus - 750ml
Lavender - 750ml
Rose - 750ml
Try our new 750ml pine gel squeeze format for a hassle-free cleaning. You no longer need to scoop the pine gel with your hands, simply squeeze it into a bucket or directly on the affected area to be cleaned.

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