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Takkie Clean

Plush Takkie Clean liquid shoe shampoo, cleans and removes odours leaving a lasting fresh fragrance on your shoes. It is specially formulated for takkies and sports shoes, but it is also suitable for all colours of canvas, nylon, rubber, vinyl and nylon mesh shoes.

Plush Takkie Clean
Plush Takkie Clean
Clean your takkies with Plush Takkie Clean. While your takkies are still a bit damp, not wet, dab Plush Takkie Polish (white, black or navy as appropriate for your shoe colour) along the shoe and allow to dry. Ensure that you cover the rubber bumpers of your takkies beforehand, to avoid discolouring or staining this area. Re-apply the product to achieve the desired colour intensity. Refer to the back of pack instructions before application.

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